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Gifting Value To My “Buddy List”

maillistI have mentioned a few times during my Facebook LIVE Studio Fireside Chats (#FBLSFC) that I really wanted people who follow what I do to sign up on my email list. I look at that list as more than an opportunity to advertise at my “buddies”. Instead, I am using my “Buddy List” to be of service to my list members and point them in the direction of things that I feel could be of great use to them in their personal and professional lives.

So, instead of stomping on a soapbox about how awesome it it, I figured I’d give the general public a window into the kind of information, links, and value that I release only to my email list members. Have a look at today’s “Three Tools Thursday” email and, if you feel like you received a ton of great value from this information, head over to BrianStephens.com and sign up right now. Along with emails that I send out, I also giveaway great prizes to the wonderful friends on my Buddy List.

Last week, I gave away copies of two Waves Audio DAW plug-ins, Kramer Master Tape and TrueVerb (valued at $199 and $99, respectively). Access to exclusive events, news about upcoming happenings, links to great tutorials, and so many other things are how I am looking to be of incredible value to folks on “Brian’s Buddy List”.


BRIAN’S BUDDY LIST: 09-08-16 – “Three Tools Thursday #1”


I hope you’ve had an amazing week! As you may know already, mine has not been without its challenges this week but, the family and I are doing better currently. I am sure that every day will get a little easier thanks to your overwhelming love and support via social media, text, email, phone calls, and 1-on-1 interactions. The Stephens family is so appreciative for the wonderful difference you’ve made in our lives as we grieve the loss of our family dog, household security guard, and best friend, Ivan. “Thank you” only dips a toe into how deeply our gratitude runs for you all.

Next on the docket: This week’s very FIRST live Music Business webinar, “3 Tactics To Grow Your Music Business”.

Everything went incredibly well with the launch of this new online educational tool. We have chosen Webinar Ninja as our partner for presenting these sorts of exclusive live training sessions and, except for a few behind-the-scenes / non-presentation-related technical bugs, everything seemed to go really well. I plan on doing at least one more of these particular webinars on September 21st and I hope that you will sign up for the next one. Since this is a very new thing for me, the next presentation will be slightly revised & updated from today’s session. So, even if you attended the First Round seminar, feel free to register for any new upcoming sessions. The material will be a little different each time as I mold and shape the content.

This sort of iteration was one condition that I asked for in beginning to conduct these online masterclasses. Instead of spending months on end, crafting every single word of the class and tweaking every presentation slide, I wanted the ability to try out this material in real time to see what works best for the audience. I wanted you to be able to try out the concepts and see how well they work for you. Based on the feedback I get from webinar attendees, we are then able to tweak and revise the content for maximum impact and ease of use.

All that being said, those first three tactics are anything but “simple”. As some of the first round participants will probably tell you, this content is really meant for people who are ready to take their music / audio related careers to an entirely different level. These first three tactics require you to dig deep, ask some very telling questions of yourself, and expect you to ‘pull focus’ toward a very accurate picture of who you are now and where your career currently is situated. I wasn’t going to waste your time with some generic aphorisms or tired clichés. Our short time together is too precious and your career success is more important to me than that.

So, if you missed today’s FREE live webinar, make sure to sign up immediately after the next date is posted. There will only be 100 seats for the next FREE webinar and they will go fast. I know we will broadcast one session on Sept. 21st at 1PM EST and, if there is enough demand, I plan on adding a second session on that same day, beginning at 7PM.

**If you are unable to attend either of those live webinars, please sign up anyway. After the event has concluded, you will get an email containing a link to watch the replay for free. The only thing you miss by not attending live is the Q&A session and the prize giveaway at the end of the webinar. Today, we gave away a FREE copy of the Waves Audio Q-10 EQ plug-in (an EQ plug-in that I use almost every day).

You may have noticed that I used the words “first three tactics” twice in the copy above. That was very purposeful. What I haven’t said publicly is that the ‘3 Tactics’ FREE webinar is actually a gateway to a very special online boot camp that I am opening up in November. That’s the REAL news, guys!

Beginning November 2nd, I am conducting my very first, exclusive Music Business Boot Camp called “10 Tactics To Supercharge Your Music Business”. We’re putting all of the infrastructure, curriculum, and branding elements together for it now and, when it’s completed, this will be the very first music business boot camp of its kind. For four weeks, I am going to show you many of the core concepts behind how I’ve built my own six-figure career as a freelance drummer, professional audio engineer, and music / multimedia Producer. It will be like getting six months’ worth of personal business coaching from me in 4 sessions.

Here’s what it will NOT be: “10 Steps To Getting A Record Deal” or “10 Things That Will Make You Famous”. Nope! In 2016, record deals are for schmucks and I know famous people who are broke. What I am going to do for a handful of people is walk them through some very specific concepts that do three very precise things:

  1. Show you actionable strategies that you can immediately use to get better at your chosen craft while adding new skills to your professional arsenal.
  2. Open up the career possibilities available to you and show you how to service a wider client base.
  3. Make more money as a professional musician, engineer, producer, and/or Professional Creative.

But here’s the catch: It is going to take a considerable amount of effort and commitment from YOU. This is no “Get Rich Quick” program and there isn’t a single :60 second “hack” that I can show you to shortcut the process. So, this is not some gimmicky infomercial intended to take your money and leave you with buyer’s remorse. This 4-week-long boot camp is specifically being designed to result in one of only two outcomes:

  1. To effectively motivate you while providing you with the actionable tools needed to accurately formulate and reach your music /audio business-related goals.
  2. To convince you that this path is not for you so that you can quickly shift gears and find a new destination, one where you can be successful and happy at the same time.

So, the FREE ‘3 Tactics’ webinar is the gateway to this exclusive “10 Tactics To Supercharge Your Music Business” boot camp. The 4-week-long program will open up in November and I will not offer another opportunity like this until sometime on 2017. More on that later!

Now, on to the real reason why you’re reading this email: The very FIRST “Three Tools Thursday”!!

You will notice that I used gardening tools in the cover art for this segment instead of building tools. That was VERY purposeful. I chose those gardening tools because I want you to begin thinking of your music / audio career LESS like building a house and MORE like tending a plot of land and growing a garden. Generally, houses get built in a very short amount of time, remain virtually unchanged for long periods of time (except for small, occasional acts of maintenance) until they either deteriorate into rubble or receive major renovation. Gardens, on the other hand, start as wild and unkempt swatches of land that get manipulated and prepared. Next, they are propagated with a specific selection of seeds which are then fertilized and watered. At that point, many of those seeds germinate into small plants that require regular, systematic cultivation using very specific tools and processes that will almost always ensure a successful crop.

Now, Nature (and its cousin, Weather) can have some negative effects on that garden from year to year. Some seasons will be more productive than others, but with the exception of extremes like drought or floods, most well-tended crops tend to always produce a resulting valuable harvest. That’s why I picked gardening tools for the branding icon. Now, onto the Tools…


TOOL #1: “The Obstacle Is The Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph” by Ryan Holiday – This book changed everything I believed about adversity and setbacks in my life, both personally and professionally. It is one of the books that I have gifted the most and, when asked, it is the first book I ever suggest anyone read. This book will change your life if you embrace the concepts inside its pages. I know that sounds almost Biblical in proportion, but this book is a total game changer.

I would say more about it, but that would ruin all of the surprise. If you’d like to hear Ryan talk about his book (before you decide to read it), Google to find his interviews conducted by Brian Koppelman (“The Moment” podcast) and James Altucher (“The James Altucher Show” podcast). Ryan won’t give away too many spoilers about the book, but he will help you understand what this book is really about.


TOOL #2: “Dr. Anders Ericsson – Science of Expertise”, Episode 513 of the Art of Charm podcast – I know I just told you to Google two different interview podcasts, but don’t worry about that. Just go buy Ryan’s book and read it. If you’re going to listen to something this week, Art Of Charm’s Episode 513 is the ONE THING that you need to cram into your ear holes (…and you may even want to do it TWICE). Much of the information in Malcolm Gladwell’s blockbuster book “Outliers” was predicated on the studies of psychologist and human performance expert, Dr. Anders Ericsson.

Unfortunately, the famed “10,000 Hour Rule” has been grossly misinterpreted by many people as the “If I Just Do This Long Enough, It’s Going To Work” Rule. In this interview, Dr. Ericsson sets the record straight.

[SIDE NOTE: I am about to drive for 5 hours one way to Mississippi for two days of family time. On that drive, I have an unabridged audio version of the good doctor’s newest book, “Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise”, cued up and ready to roll. Maybe I’ll report back next week on that book?]

TOOL #3: A quote – “Creativity Takes Courage”, Henri Matisse

If you don’t know of this great painter’s work, you should. As the father of Fauvism, Matisse blazed new trails with his particular style of painting. Over the years, his artistic style morphed with the times but was never really derivative of his contemporaries.

I don’t read that quote as “Painting Takes Courage” nor do I imply it to mean “Playing Music Takes Courage”. When we dig deep into those three poignant words, I believe that we find this meaning: Anything that causes you to examine yourself from the inside out and then moves you to express what you find in whatever method you find most appropriate takes real, rare tangible courage. The modality is only the messenger of the revelation.

Sit with that this week and see how you might best let courage fuel your own creativity.

Thanks for your time, your love, and your ever-appreciated support,


If you would like to sign up for Brian’s Buddy List, CLICK HERE and simply enter your Name & Email Address. It’s really that simple!

September 8, 2016

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