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Go With Your Gut

I’ve been in a bit of an incubation period for a little over a year now. That doesn’t mean that I have stopped doing any of the work that I’ve always done (how else am I supposed to pay the bills?!), but what it has meant is that I have spent the majority of my mental downtime trying to figure out some very important things. The most important question I have been pondering is , “So, what’s next?”. In trying to answer that question, I have been looking to artistic types who have forged paths that only they could have built. Their stories could not star anyone else but them specifically.

Instead of looking at what the popular trends are or observing how things are currently being done in my areas of interest, I have been looking at people who gave zero attention to everyone else in the world and chose to instead focus solely on what was of interest to each of them at that very moment in time. Enter Magnus Walker.

So, take a look at this short presentation where Magnus gives his origin story and talks about how all of his life & career decisions have been based on his passions & what felt right for him in his own proverbial gut.  Maybe his story will get you to thinking about yours. Are you in need of a “Next Chapter”? I know I am.

March 17, 2015

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