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Pensado = Lunchtime Viewing

pensado_logoAlright Dylan, since we’ve started you off right on your journey toward learning to do what I do, I figured it was time to start pointing you toward the kinds of things I watch / listen to to learn more about audio engineering. One of my favorite things to check out every week is Pensado’s Place, a web-based television show hosted by an amazing engineer named Dave Pensado. Dave got his start here in Atlanta and has long since moved to California. This guy has worked with, quite literally, almost everybody in that higher tier of the Music Industry from Mariah Carey and the Black Eyed Peas to P!nk and Rick Ross. [A more complete list of credits can be found by clicking here.]

This first episode I’ve posted for you to look at features special guest Leslie Brathwaite. Leslie is another Atlanta-based mix engineer who has worked with hip-hop folks like T-Pain, Jay-Z, Ludacris, and Snoop Dogg. He is also the guy who mixed the song “Happy” for Pharell. I had the chance to meet Leslie several months ago at a masterclass he was teaching here in town. Super nice guy, incredibly grounded and rooted in his family [a theme that you and I are just now really beginning to enjoy together]. My hope is to get some time with him within the next few months for a mixing lesson. We’ve talked about it but neither of us have had much open time for it.

The great thing about Pensado’s Place is that it is a great mix of pure technical lessons (like the “Into The Lair” segments), Q&A’s with key people in that tier of the industry, and a bunch of dudes jawing & hanging out. Sometimes, it feels a lot like the lunches I have with other pro engineer buddies around town.

Up until this point, most of what you have seen in the music you listen to is the “Entertainment Side” of it. That side of the Music Industry is full of smoke and mirrors. Much of what you see (and hear) isn’t anything more than a glittering fantasy fabricated solely for the purpose of entertainment. Watching interviews and hearing from the guys who are actually responsible for doing the tedious, craftsmen-like work of recording, editing, mixing, and mastering that music is where you find most of its real truth.

When you’re done with that first episode above, you HAVE to skip to the episode with Bob Clearmountain. He’s the guy that all of the rest of us are ultimately trying to copy… sort of the Granddaddy to us all! [I thought you’d like that reference] I’ll embed that episode directly below:

So, I have Pensado’s Place in my YouTube subscriptions list and usually watch it toward the end of each week, as I eat my lunch. Additionally, I have the playlist for Dave’s “Into The Lair” segments bookmarked so I can get straight to those short lessons when I need a quick tip or dose of inspiration.

I hope that helps get you started on your weekly audio engineering educational viewing. With 80 videos and over 11 hours of lesson material in that one ITL playlist alone, I think you’ll be busy playing catch-up with me for a little while. 😉

Shoot me a text or a call if you have questions about anything you see or hear in these videos. [Everybody else should just leave those questions in the Comments Section below]

October 13, 2014

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