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Shhhh… Playing Quietly

guiliana_danzingerSo, one of the things I’m working on right now is how to play really, really, really, really… really quietly. One of the templates I’m looking at for this particular study is a guy named Mark Guiliana (www.MarkGuiliana.com). Based out of New York, Mark is only recently becoming a household name among the International community of drummers and plays gigs that, for the most part, are far outside the mainstream.

I missed the opportunity to see him playing here in Atlanta last week (with Gretchen Parlato), but I did get to catch him a few weeks ago during my trip to Los Angeles, CA. I saw Mark play with his own band and, one of my long-time favs, Zach Danziger at a small club called The Blue Whale. (If you look on YouTube, there are several short video clips from that night.) Mark’s ability to play very quietly but with great precision, ‘snap’, and clarity were incredibly impressive and inspiring. And his time… well now, I could write a book about how good his sense of time is. Just look at the video clips and you’ll see for yourself.

Along with the shorter, main video I’ve included at the top of this post, here’s an entire hour-long concert of Mark playing with Gretchen Parlato. It will give us both an idea of what I missed last weekend, just about 20 minutes from my house:

February 18, 2015

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