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Recording Yourself

Zoom Q2HDI have a ton of people who ask me about recording themselves, either during practice time or on live gigs. I record almost every drum practice session I do and every single gig I play. I don’t necessarily keep all of these recordings for the sake of posterity, but I do review them and make notes on technical and musical areas I find that could use improvement. Sometimes, I will take specific snippets of these captures and send them to musician or drummer friends and teachers I trust to get some feedback and pointers.

This feedback is incredibly valuable in shortening the learning curve on new study material and prefect for seeing/hearing things as they really are in the moment. Many times, what we believe to be happening and what really is actually happening (from a 3rd party perspective) are completely different.

Audio and video recording yourself is, to me, one of the greatest tools a musician can use to make dramatic improvements in his / her playing in a short amount of time. Over longer periods of growth, these captures are also a great source of encouragement. It is very difficult to see the small, gradual improvements that you make on a daily or weekly basis. But, when you compare captures from different years, most people will immediately spot the massive differences that come from that daily, diligent focus toward improvement.

The biggest comment I get from people who ask me about this concept is that good looking cameras which also sound accurate are pretty expensive (and the sounding accurate component is infinitely more important that broadcast quality video… in my opinion). Well today, you’ve come to the right place. I found a great deal on the Zoom Q2HD that probably won’t be around very long. For a limited time, B&H is selling this camera only only $80 [I guess that means you can take the adjective “expensive” off the table, huh?]

The microphones on these Zoom cameras are stellar. I can say, without flinching, that whatever something sounds like to your ears in any given spot or location is exactly the sound quality you end up with on any of the Zoom cameras’ recordings. So, click the following link to go get the absolute best deal you will ever find on the Zoom Q2HD: B&H Sale On Zoom Q2HD

(Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Zoom or B&H. I just saw the deal and wanted to share it… heck, it’s such a great deal that I just bought two of them myself! Happy Practicing and send me links to practice footage you’ve shot on the Q2HD you end purchasing for yourself!)

December 16, 2014

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  1. David Anderson

    Thanks for the tip. I plan to look this up and get one!

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