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Success, Failure, & What Pro’s Do

Some of my closer friends know that I have a 20 year-old son named Dylan. After several years apart, he has recently come back into my life at a time where he probably needs me now more than ever. Over and above everything else, what he needs from me is what I know. Dylan needs to know how I think and how I process my world. He needs pointers to show him how I’ve grown and nurtured the life I have now from nothing but a drum set, a stack of CD’s, a boombox, the clothes on my back, and a twin mattress.

But, like most young people, Dylan’s not going to learn all of that from his Father standing over him, spewing grandiose tales of conflict, hardship, conquest, and resolution. He needs to see the World through a lot of other people’s eyes, people who he isn’t connected to or folks that he doesn’t have a history with. Dylan needs the benefit of seeing this great big World we live in, with all of its possibilities, through a bunch of different lenses. My hope is that, over time, he will be able to harvest the valuable information contained a bunch of different points of view and the life experiences from other very successful people. Then, he might possibly be able to synthesize all of that knowledge and experience into a seasoned viewpoint of his own, informed vicariously through the successes, failures, thoughts, and processes of the people who came before him.

So yesterday, I posted something on my Facebook wall that I wanted Dylan to listen to. All day today, I burned a ton of mental calories trying to decide what the best way would be to catalog all of the things I would like for him to see, hear, read, and learn in one place. A place that was easy to access from anywhere and that would always be around… at least as long I could keep it around. That’s when I thought about this blog. It’s the perfect tool for accomplishing my ultimate goal: Creating a repository for all of the thoughts, ideas, and “lenses” that I feel have been valuable to me in shaping my own life… the life I chose, not the one somebody handed to me.

Then, I thought about you, the person who’s currently reading this blog post, and I thought about how some of this information might be valuable and helpful to you as well. So, I created a category here on my blog just for Dylan. Now, I may not post something in this category every single day, but every time I come across something that I feel Dylan needs to know, see, hear, or learn, I will put it here.

I hope it helps you, Son, and I hope it helps anyone else who happens to drop by and see what I left for you.

Here’s something I listened to that really hit home with me today. This interview contains some important ideas that I’ve learned on my own and also has information I’m needing for where I am at this very moment in my own life. So, it’s a lot more than just two screenwriters talking about their jobs.

The Moment with Brian Koppelman 08/12/14 – Craig Mazin on Breaking into Hollywood as a Screenwriter

*Brian Koppleman’s podcast is one that I listen to every week. Here’s link to the whole series: CLICK HERE (I usually listen to it from the Podcast app on my iPhone, BTW)

October 9, 2014

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